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What To Do When Collagen Levels Drop

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Collagen is protein and protein is an important nutrient that is needed for our bodies to function. A balanced amount of protein in our bodies confirms healthy bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, blood vessels, skin, and intestinal lining. Our bodies gain protein from protein rich foods such as chicken, pork, beef, seafood, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. As our bodies age, the amount of protein it absorbs from the food we eat may at times decrease. This is an alarming concern, especially for vegetarians and vegans, whose main diet consists of plant based foods. Unknowingly, the levels of collagen in our bodies are decreasing, contributing to an unhealthy function of our body and sagging skin.

Increase your Collagen Intake

While you can’t measure the amount of collagen in your body, there are signs to watch when your collagen levels are dropping. You will notice wrinkles, tendons and ligaments will be less flexible and stiff, your muscles might look like they are weakening or shrinking, you may have joint pain due to worn cartilage, and may notice gastrointestinal problems due to thinning of the lining of your digestive tract. Collagen beauty is a great way of maintaining the needed amounts of protein for your body to function. It also plays a vital role after pregnancy or during menopause to balance hormone levels.

Marine Collagen is known to have the Most Protein Absorption

There are many types of collagen beauty products but one stands out if you are looking to have the most protein absorption of all the collagen types. Marine collagen can be found in powder form and is a great protein supplement, especially for those who want to avoid meat. Marine collagen is made from skin and scales of fish, like cod or snapper. Through a process called hydrolysis, the collagen protein is made into smaller units of protein (aka peptides). These peptides make it easier to dissolve in hot or cold liquids, making it a great addition for your morning coffee or smoothie.

Drink Collagen Infused Water

Water is essential to hydrate the body and has proven benefits of increasing metabolism. It aids the body to break down food. Hydrating the skin improves its elasticity and firmness. Collagen infused water makes a great post-workout beverage that is sure to add the essential electrolytes into your body. There are many ways of incorporating collagen into your daily life. Collagen products can be found in loose powder, capsules, injections etc. Whatever your preference is, go for a collagen product that best suits your lifestyle. Give your body the boost it requires.